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Packing for a move can be confusing and stressful as it takes time and effort, so you must know what things need attention at the beginning. Moving can be smooth if you know what to pack first and when to start. Depending on fragility, size, and frequency of usage, various goods will need packing at the beginning. You'll feel less worried during packing up your house if you spend more time organizing and preparing for your relocation. You may also take help from the best movers in Sacramento, who can chalk out a plan based on your needs and preferences.

How Can I Ship My Belongings To Another State?

The time you need to spend on packing for a move will depend upon the following:

  • the number of things you are moving
  • the size of your home
  • your moving destination
  • how you plan to handle the actual move itself – DIY move or moving experts' assistance

However, the earlier you start making preparations, regardless of the scale of your move, the better.

DIY Move

A DIY move can help you save money but may be overwhelming because you will pack the items without professional help and transport them to your new home. If you have decided a self-move, you need to start packing about 5-6 weeks before your move date to get enough time for your belongings. It also ensures the safety of your items by getting everything ready for shipment by moving day.

You need to start packing as soon as possible to avoid confusion. Since you’ll have several moving tasks to take care of, starting at least a month before can help ensure a smooth move. Moreover, moving involves dismantling furniture, an arduous job for you. So, practice caution while lifting heavy furniture.

Professional Movers

Contacting one of the best moving companies in Sacramento can help alleviate your stress levels. Inform them about your moving date and plan a month before to ensure a smooth move to your new location. Professional movers take responsibility for everything before your moving date and transfer the items to your new home. They have the right equipment to help you make a move quickly and take care of all the loading, unloading, and delivery.

Using a professional packing service will save you valuable time during your move. Your moving company can take care of heavy furniture and put it back together in your new home.

Size of your move

  • If you’re moving a small household, it’s best to start packing a couple of weeks before your move date.
  • If you’re moving into a big house, packing your belongings at least a month in advance can help reduce stress.

Tips for a smooth moving process

  • Declutter your house
  • Sell items you don't want
  • Gather your valuable things and keep them with you
  • Label your boxes
  • Pack by room to stay organized
  • Pack non-essential items at the beginning

Tips And Tricks For Moving


Packing for a move generally takes longer than you anticipate. Starting early is advisable to reduce the burden and organize things to avoid confusion. Start progressively packing your possessions six weeks before your move date to ensure a stress-free moving. Moreover, taking professional help for moving can help you organize better and ensure the safety of your things.

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